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By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: instead of Open SSL is available as an Open Source equivalent to commercial implementations of SSL via an Apache-style license.

Open SSL is a robust, commercial-grade implementation of SSL tools, and related general purpose library based upon SSLeay, developed by Eric A. X.509 is a specification for digital certificates published by the International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication (ITU-T).

It specifies information and attributes required for the identification of a person or a computer system, and is used for secure management and distribution of digitally signed certificates across secure Internet networks. The following section of the guide presents some of the more common basic commands, and parameters to commands which are part of the Open SSL toolkit.

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Enter this passphrase at the prompt, and you will then be prompted to confirm the information in the Use the documentation provided with the server application you wish to use the certificate, and key for in order to properly use it.

See the Configuring Apache for SSL Support section below for an example usage.

Finally, the guide will lead the user through example procedures required to use Open SSL with the popular Apache Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP) server for the purpose of serving secured web pages from your Ubuntu computer.

) environment, and editing system configuration files with their preferred text editor application.

Self-signed certificates are great for use in closed-lab environments or for testing purposes.

One of the drawbacks of using self-signed certificates, however, is that warnings will typically be issued by a user's Web browser, and other applications, upon accessing an SSL-secured server that uses a self-signed certificate.In order to run a production server which will engage in commercial activity, such as "e-commerce", it is required to generate a certificate, and have it signed by a recognized Certificate Authority (CA) such as Veri Sign.The process for generating a certificate request, and obtaining a certificate signed by a recognized CA can be difficult.Prior to beginning the steps below, you may wish to encrypt the certificate's private key with a passphrase.The advantages of encrypting the key with a passphrase include protection of the certificate in the event it is stolen.While previous familiarity with Server Sockets Layer (SSL), or the Open SSL implementation in particular, is not required for this guide, if desired, the reader is advised to pursue further learning from the resources listed in the Resources section of this guide in order to broaden his/her understanding of this powerful security layer.

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