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The Method: Here, logic, English meaning and system will be the main guidelines for distinguishing between the games and their categories.In this respect, the most important distinction is the distinction by the gameplay mechanic.

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But there is also game C, and it may combine elements of both a VN and a DS.

Attempting to cover such hybrid or borderline cases is not really possible.

One is related to fans that mostly play the games in Japanese (Japanese), while the other one (Western) is related to fans mostly playing these games in English.

Both groups differ somewhat in the way they use the terms, with sometimes matching, but sometimes also different meanings.

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Examples: Love Hina Sim Date RPG The Aim: This part's main aim is to create a suggestion on how and which terms to use to describe the games in English.

The main objective is to have a systematic division of the terms that results in a vocabulary that is accessible to the Western English-speaking fan.

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