Who is lebron james girlfriend dating

James was rumored to have hooked up with Amber Rose in 2010.

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"You have fans and you think they're going to roll with you no matter what, and then they burn your jersey? She didn't want to uproot her sons—Le Bron Jr., five, and Bryce Maximus, three—from their neighborhood, where Le Bron Jr. And if VH1's hit series Basketball Wives is to be believed, Miami groupies are as gorgeous as they are aggressive.

Fresh from the Midwest and flush with cash, James could be quite the target. Our relationship is good."Her mother, Jennifer, who has been minding the kids while Brinson talks, makes a good point: "Don't you think he knows the difference between ruthlessness and love? "If Le Bron was going to do something shady, he can do that around the corner.

(His Miami signing deal reportedly netted him $110 million over six years, as well as an estimated $30 million in endorsements from brands like Nike.) But Brinson isn't nervous about their partnership. He doesn't have to go to Miami."In fact, it's their honesty with each other, Brinson says, that has sustained the couple's relationship through all the hoopla: "We communicate very well.

Before, there might have been issues that I was afraid to address, but now we keep it real with each other." It's worked for them for nearly a decade.

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Savannah Brinson, long-time girlfriend of basketball phenom Le Bron James, has just finished her first major photo shoot. "I've always been in the background," she says, having changed back into her white track suit with bedazzled hearts for a bowl of spaghetti at Manhattan's Serafina restaurant.

He spotted her at a football game and asked her to come to a basketball game.

"I went, and I was like, Wow, this guy is pretty popular in here," she remembers.

I never thought it would get to this magnitude, but clearly I was mistaken," she says.

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