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We are moving to Retford for a fresh new start and to be a bit closer to my husbands work and to my oldest two childrens dad and my family, and my step daughter.

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MADE IN AMERICA No, it's not the fathers' version Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

At Waterfowl Decals, each product is made from the highest quality vinyl and is designed to last for years.

Whether you are looking for a humorous saying, a catchy slogan, or a declaration of your views, we have a 2nd Amendment decal that will fit your style and personality.

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These decals are perfect for customizing your car, truck, hunting gear, garage, or any non-porous surface.

Our 2nd Amendment decals including sayings such as: This Is What An Average, Responsible Gun Owner Looks Like, A Gun In The Hand Is Better Than A Cop On The Phone, DADD Dads Against Daughters Dating Forget The Dog Beware Of Owner, Good Guys Carry Guns Too, Right Now I’d Rather Be At The Shooting Range, The Ultimate in Feminine Protection, This State Allows Concealed Carry.

We don't have any help from Hubby's family tbh , his aunt and uncle have come up to visit a few times but no help with the kids lol.

Im more than happy if you want to chat about things, hope move went well , sorry just saw your post today Jules x ps taxi's arent that great Hi everyone, Not really sure if I am posting this in the right area.

Display it proudly, and let your friends and neighbors know why you're a member of D.

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