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It is our hope that the students we serve will be able to successfully transition back to their home school district and continue to pursue their long term goals. Jen's classroom at NHS School Greensburg completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) challenge.

The STEM challenge activity was a building experience.

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Not only have I learned so much about anger control and stress reducing, but I also have made some amazing friends that care about me more than most of my friends did in my old school.

I am going to be graduating in not even 3 months, and thanks to my time here in NHS Greensburg, I am extremely ready for what college will bring me and what my future holds.

Currently, the school serves over 20 students within our three emotional support classrooms.

The goal of our program is to assist students in building skills so they are able to perform better with academic tasks, build healthy relationships with peers, cope with frustration, control anger, interact with others in the community in a socially appropriate manner, be successful leaders, and pursue their goals and aspirations.

Welcome to the NHS School Greensburg located in Greensburg, PA - Westmoreland County.

The NHS School Greensburg is a Licensed Private Academic School which supports students with emotional support needs and/or serious emotional disturbance (SED).

The goal of this program is to help female students focus on their academics and personal strengths in a comforting environment where their emotions are understood and confidence is strengthened.

Students within the NHS School Greensburg are always working on transition skills within our school setting, as well as at our Transition Center located in Greensburg, PA and community based job placements.

In this school year we got so many new students and things started to exculate, and my attitude changed to the worse because Icould not stand it anymore, but I still stayed me.

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