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A veil was lifted in June when a British court handed Richard Huckle 22 life sentences for abusing up to 200 babies and children, mostly in Malaysia, and sharing images of his crimes on the dark web.The reason the Malaysian government doesn’t publish child sexual abuse data is because it is protected under Malaysia’s Official Secrets Act.

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It would also set up a special court to deal with child sex abuse cases more quickly.

Foreign paedophiles could be targeting Malaysia as other countries around the region strengthen child protection laws and step up enforcement, some experts said.

It was the second-largest transmission location in Southeast Asia after Bangkok’s 1,800 – Bangkok’s population of 8.2 million is more than four times that of Kuala Lumpur’s.

The Malaysian capital is a “high concern” location for the distribution of child sexual abuse materials, said Smelser at the UNODC.

Thailand introduced stricter laws against child pornography last year.

A Child Sexual Crimes bill, expected to be introduced to parliament by the end of the year, would widen the definition of sexual crimes to include online abuse, and make such crimes easier to prosecute.

Snow White Smelser, programme officer at the child sex offences team in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) East Asia headquarters in Bangkok, said paedophiles compare notes and share information online about countries where they can operate most freely.

Elena Martellozzo, a London-based criminologist who specialises in child sex abuse on the internet, said Huckle could have chosen Malaysia “because it was not on the radar, or perhaps it’s where he found it easier to get work permits, visas and some work opportunities”.

No details were disclosed in the cases where there were convictions.

Child rights advocates have long pushed the government to publicly disclose data on child sexual abuse to increase awareness so action can be taken to address what they call a growing problem.

Cambodia, long known as a destination for travelling paedophiles, also does not disclose official data.

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