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KB118 PR3 - Connecting to UP5 Can the PR3 be connected to the "third" Loco Net port on the side of the UP5, or must it be connected to one of the ports on the rear of the UP5?

PR3 probably cannot be connected to the side Loco Net jack of the UP5.

Make sure the supplied Sound Loader Installation CD is inserted in your PC's CD player.

Plug the PR3’s USB cable into a vacant USB socket on your PC .

It also acts as a computer interface and Loco Net Translator for your PC.

The PR3 is the most economical computer Interface we offer, it has all the functionality of a PR2 and a MS100 combined in one.

Finally it functions on the more modern USB 2.0 interface making it easier to connect and more friendly to newer PCs.

KB172 PR3 - General Applications What are the most common applications for the PR3?

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The PR3 lets Sound FX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder's firmware for latest updates.

The beta testers have reported that the PR3 with Sound Loader software, Digi Mon software, and IPL software have been found to work on many desktop and laptop computers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Processors as slow as 450mhz, Ram memory as little as 128mb, and USB 1.1 Ports.

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