Dating someone for the second time quotes

It probably doesn't happen often, but I think when the decision was made rashly, or if there are significant reasons why the second time should be different, then it can be worth trying again.When the stakes are as high as possibly finding a partner, it's worth considering.We kept in communication and with her kids moved out on their own we started seeing each other again...

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My personal feelings on trying a relationship a 2nd time is that it ended the 1st time for a reason and the same thing will most likely happen again.

I think these days people can be too quick to drop things when they don't seem perfect, and move onto someone else.

I guess I just have a different way of looking at things, I think you should accept people for who they are and decide whether or not you're happy with that person.

People change because they want to and if they talk it out like 2 mature adults and really want to be together they will figure it out and work it out.

I have a sister that was married and things just were not working out, they seperated and it did not look good.

She moved back home but they talked it out and agreed to do some soul searching and he realized that he loved her enough to not let her go.

He changed the problem that created the seperation and they have been happier then ever.

So anyway back to the question, are there any real success stories of getting back with your ex and making it work the 2nd time around?

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