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Please see the file for the details of the Basic License and Commercial License, including ordering information for the Commercial License.

Thanks are due to Robert Gustavsson, Ken Holervich, Bob Nestor, Jon Ribbens, Thomas Strangert, Wu Yongwei, and other CGIC users who have corresponded over the years.

This was not a cgic bug per se, but has been reported as a common problem with CGI when used with the CERN server. cgic is an ANSI C-language library for the creation of CGI-based World Wide Web applications.

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The new code can successfully set more than one cookie at a time in typical web browsers. Users have often asked the correct way to determine which submit button was clicked.

In CGIC 2.0 and 2.01, if the HTTP_COOKIE environment variable was exactly equal to the name of a cookie requested with cgi Cookie String, with no value or equal sign or other characters present, a buffer overrun could take place. This could always be accomplished in previous versions, but CGIC 2.0 also provides cgi Form Submit Clicked, a convenient alternate label for the cgi Form Checkbox Single function. This function escaped only a few metacharacters, while most shells have many, and there was no way to account for the many different operating system shells that might be in use on different operating systems.

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Jon Ribbens correctly pointed out to me (and to the Internet's bugtraq mailing list) that the cgi Form Entry String function, which is used directly or indirectly by almost all CGIC programs, can potentially write past the buffer passed to it by the programmer. Even then, it is better to design your utilities to accept their input from standard input rather than the command line.

Non-exclusive commercial license fee reduced to 0.

Beginning with version 2.07, `cgic` handles this as you'd expect: you get an entry with the corresponding key and an empty string as the value.

A simple unit test compilation target was also added, to test this feature and rule out side effects.

Documentation fixes: the cgi Html Escape, cgi Html Escape Data, cgi Value Escape, and cgi Value Escape Data routines were named incorrectly in the manual. Support for setting cookies has been reimplemented.

The new code closely follows the actual practice of web sites that successfully use cookies, rather than attempting to implement the specification.

No server tested ever rejects LF alone in this context.

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