Dating wedding photos

These amazing guys gave her the wedding day she always wanted, even if it meant wearing silky pink bathrobes.

In June, Redditor Scott Robertson shared a series of photos to Imgur from his and his wife's wedding photoshoot.

This beautiful shot, taken by photographer Lloyd Richard Photography, features two tiny flower girls playing in the veil of a bride.

No matter the year and what it brings, everyone always looks forward to the dates circled on their calendar when I dos will be said and reception dance parties will take place.

But this year, those weddings were filled with some extra-special, extra-hilarious, and just plain extra-memorable moments that we—and the Internet—collectively fell in love with.

The adorable shot features a laughing bride as her groom dives—nude! When Patrick Casey's cousin Andria asked him to be her flower girl, he accepted the role and took his job very seriously, as apparent in these shots by Erin Moore.

Why he was a flower girl and not a groomsman, we still don't know—but we're glad it happened.

Feast your eyes on some of the wanderlust-worthy wedding photos here.

Another Fearless Awards photo made our list, thanks to these adorable flower girls.No one likes third wheeling a happy couple—especially not this bitter groomsman.Brittney and Kody Frysinger tied the knot earlier this year, and Mitch, Kody's best friend, decided to join in for the photoshoot, resulting in a viral frenzy once the photos were posted online.She called out to her groom who, without hesitation, dove into the body of water in his three-piece wedding suit. When Brazilian couple Dona and Seu Russo tied the knot in 1957, they didn't have any wedding photos to remember their special day.But thanks to the help of São Paulo Fotografia, the couple was able to get some great wedding shots—60 years after their wedding.plump figure, and decided to include him on their big day.

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