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On 30 January 2007, Aventurine released their second official gameplay video, consisting of about one minute of in-game footage demonstrating real-time melee combat, mounts (including mounted combat), spell-casting and naval combat. our launch date will be inside 2008, with the public beta preceding it by a few weeks.This is official and internally we're a lot more specific, but pending an announcement, we cannot say more at this time".Shortly before both servers went live extensive patch notes were released for the 2nd expansion titled "Conquer the Seas".

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which demonstrated numerous aspects of the game, such as small and large group PVP, including small and large group mounted combat, ship sailing and naval combat, magic and archery, and vehicular combat, creative use of in-game physics and magic, crafting, banking, 3 different PVE encounters demonstrating mob AI, and city building and sieging.

This was soon followed by a "limited public hardware test" of Darkfall as the first phase of public beta, which was then followed by a staged gameplay-oriented public beta.

It increased skill gains and loot while removing the purchase fee entirely and reducing monthly subscription cost to $9.95, down from $15.

This promotion ran from release until the launch of Darkfall 2.0.

Approximately 14 months later, in October 2002, the Razorwax team was integrated into Aventurine SA, a newly formed company based in Athens, Greece, ostensibly created for the continued development and subsequent commercialisation of Darkfall.

When the Razorwax team and the Aventurine team had their first meeting in Athens, a member of one of the teams joked that Razorwax should relocate from Norway to Greece due to the lower taxes and cost of living in Greece.

From June 2006 onwards, just after E3, the Darkfall development team began releasing bi-weekly developer journals and community question/answer articles, published on the game forum site Warcry.

An announcement on 11 July 2006 stated that preparations were being made to begin beta, Six months later, on 17 January 2007, Aventurine announced they were in active discussions with prospective partners, distributors, publishers, and technology providers, and that a fully functional and stable beta build was running on remote servers.

Eventually, the two teams realised that this idea actually made very good business sense, the relocation of Razorwax, now Aventurine, was finalised.

In September 2005, a signup page for a closed clan beta was made available on the web; this beta never happened, however a 1.5 minute Darkfall gameplay video was released in February 2006 as recompense to the community.

The EU-1 server went down late on Thursday December 3 and the North American Server went down shortly after for patching.

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