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Turner serves as Chairman of the United Nations Foundation board of directors.

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To keep her occupied, Jane sent Mary to aerobics class at her Jane Fonda Workout studio and had her outfitted in the tights, leotard, off the shoulder sweatshirt and leg warmers, as Mary said: ‘I’d be the only black girl in a class of skinny white women jumping.’Gifting her high school diploma from Santa Monica Community College to Jane, Mary attended Pitzer, a small, private liberal arts school an hour out of LA, and in 1990, graduated with a degree in African-American history burning with the same humanitarian zeal as Fonda.

Since then, she has worked for causes in Tanzania and Morocco and earned a master's in public health at Boston University before setting up a foundation for boys who had been displaced by the Sudanese civil war.

Moving in to Jane’s house – modest by Hollywood standards – Marty recalls how the living room of her new home featured a large antique credenza.

On it, childhood snaps sat next to images of Jane triumphantly raising an Oscar and her father Henry receiving his first Oscar at the age of 76, in a wheelchair and surrounded by his family. Star-studded fundraisers were a regular feature at Jane’s home, with Bishop Desmond Tutu turning up to one event to raise money for anti-apartheid efforts in South Africa, and guests including Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, Robert Downey Jr., and Daryl Hannah.

On one occasion, Jane asked Mary to watch movie classic All About Eve with her – revealing she was thinking about a new version with her in the Bette Davis role and Madonna in the Anne Baxter role, but it never happened.

As Mary recounted, she would use the affairs to ask for guests autographs – and would also collect photographs from fans gathered outside the house for Jane to sign, only to forge the star’s signature when she was busy.

Stellar: From the age of 14, Mary spent the remainder of her teenage years in the star's home in Santa Monica, California, hobnobbing with Hollywood greats.

Pictured together at Fonda's 60th birthday Describing Jane’s excitement at being wooed by Turner, Mary told how she was treated to ‘a whole new world’ following their marriage.

This touch, this healthy loving touch, was a revelation.’Mary got to know Jane well after several summers at the theatre camp.

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