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I have been working at Narrative for a couple of months and think it is a very exciting place to work.There is a lot going on all the time and we move fast - I love that!I mainly use it for myself, so I can revisit the moments I’ve experienced since I’m a very nostalgic person.

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Since I’m currently not too active on social media, hopefully I will become more social and share more pictures with my friends.

I like the fact that I will have better control over how the pictures will look – I don’t have to wait too long and be surprised.

In the beginning, I used it more as a lifelogging device, but nowadays I use it for more special occasions.

I use it a lot when I am out at restaurants and bars.

While using the Clip 1 works great when I'm bouldering new mounts will should give me great new possibilities.

I'm the one who creates and updates everything that you see on our web application, I mainly want to enjoy my pictures myself and go back, review and relive special moments.The major improvements are the wider-angle lens and the higher quality pictures.The way I do this is to incorporate a lot of qualitative and quantitative research into the product development and try to bring users’ voices and opinions into the company culture.I help employees prioritize future work to improve the whole customer product experience.I try to create the best user experience in different user touch point and channels.

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