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More often than not, the ghostly subjects of today seem to date to just a century or so ago.

But what of those people from the Victorian era itself?

In 1894, a miner was killed by an explosion at the Mamie R. A few nights later, several of the dead man’s co-workers watched in horror as their comrade suddenly rang the bell and disembarked from the hoist bucket alone.

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And in 1889, engineers along the Rio Grande Railroad were chased by a phantom train over Marshall Pass.

This time, the apparition at the helm of the ghost train left a chilling message written in the frost of the other train’s window: “Years ago a frate train was recked as yu saw—now that yu saw it, we will never make another run.

The newspaper hired a reporter to spend the night in the house.

During the course of his stay, the reporter was visited by the ghost of a young woman who claimed her murdered body was interred with the walls.

Later that year, three prisoners escaped from the Gunnison jail after a phantom set them free.

A seven foot ghost was spotted at a station house in Lafayette in 1893.

Other stories make one wonder as well, such as the 1887 report of a prostitute who went straight after seeing the ghost of her mother.

Prostitutes seemed, as always, to be of particular interest to ghost seekers.

And in 1894, a lengthy conversation between a spirit and mediums cleansed a Denver house for occupancy.

It is true that many of these early tales were probably explainable, such as blaming an inept jailer or real estate shark.

An investigation revealed the girl’s body, just where she said it would be. Hartmann of Georgetown wrote of a seance at which he and his spiritualist friends summoned dead loved ones and attempted to grab a ghost.

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