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The most respected and accurate single source of information on American guns made circa 1945 and earlier.

Besides the thorough and accurate descriptions that enable proper identification of guns there are many sections dealing with gun collecting in general and with specific specialized areas.

It was one of those wretched looking plastic things that didn’t hold up very well.

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All Gyrojets, Finjets, Lancejets, Javettes, and flares up to and including 40mm are shown at actual size, as are .38-caliber and 12-gauge less-lethal rounds.

The book covers every known Gyrojet rocket ever made, from 2.8mm up to 55mm, plus the 0.030-inch Javettes for the “CIA Dart Gun” with their biological or chemical payloads.

$15.00 (View Picture) 17142 AN INTRODUCTION TO MBA GYROJETS AND OTHER ORDNANCE- BY MEL CARPENTER - 422 pages (286 in color) 8.5” x 11” spiral bound. Most books on guns or ammunition are heavy on the “what” with descriptions of the nuts and bolts, and maybe a little bit of the history behind them.

This important contribution to arms and ammunition history also provides details of “how” the items were made, and “who” was involved in their inspiration, design and manufacture, and sales, mostly drawing on unlimited access to Robert Mainhardt, the brains behind MBA and Gyrojet.

Seizing the opportunity, the miniature rocketry designs they came up with were unprecedented, and although military contracts were seldom forthcoming, they evolved into proposals for hand held weapons, massive salvo weapons to saturate a large area and other innovative schemes.

These ranged from rockets small enough to fit in a spy’s cigarette, to larger designs (roughly .22 to .30 caliber range) up to larger items for launching flares and much larger devices for chaff for electronic countermeasures.

Well illustrated to point out model differences, and absolutely indispensable for any gun collector.

We stock this book because you need it and will benefit tremendously and enjoy your collection a lot more because of it.

The alloy receiver and cheap looking trigger insides didn’t compare well to the 1100. Winchester did beat Remington to the screw chokes though.

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