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Since he's has broken out from just being a social media star to now an actor, model, aspiring musician who happens to have his own Netflix series, pretty much any time he's seen hanging out with a girl, everyone wants to know if he's dating her.

It's most likely because Cam's fans think he would make a great boyfriend and it's about time he has some love in his life!

She starts a movie career at around age 19 and does b-movies to support her parents.

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"I've had one official girlfriend, that was my junior year.

Her name was Jasmine Gonzalez, went to Chino High School. The reason we broke up, we just kind of realized we were better off as friends," he explained.

Brilliant, terminally ill, army scientist Paul Turner investigates criminal activities that involve unethical experiments on humans, environmental hazards, biological weapons and a mysterious group with a sinister agenda.

Brigitte Bako plays "Gigi" an aging actress and aging you know what that means in Hollywood.....you're over 30.

This has a "Hollywood style trash --Sex and the City-- vibration" about it...

IE: a girl and her friends whine about sex and their lives and get drunk along the way.

The comedy aspect of the show is a little bland and predictable.

But I watched pretty much all the episodes in a row and didn't find myself bored at all.

The identity of Cameron Dallas' girlfriend and his love life, in general, is a hot topic his loyal fans need to know about.

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