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Her almost perfect figure is the result of the hard training she underwent while practicing atlethics in her youth.

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 Italy is not only famous for its thousand-year old culture, its delicious food and the amazing landscape, but also for the mediterranean beauty of its women.

Italy's sexiest women all come from the television business.

She also partecipated in many popular Italian movies, like the "Vacanze di..." series and lent her voice to the character of Gloria, the she-hyppopothamus in Dream Work's "Madagascar" movie.

In October 2014 she married the businessman Tomaso Trussardi, from whom she had two children.

They went separate ways a few years after the birth of their son. She not only hosts some of the most famous Italian shows, she is also an accomplished actress, having played in movies like "Il Mio West", with David Bowie and Harvey Keitel, and many sitcoms.

She posed with few to none clothes on many popular calendars. Thanks also to her love story with Inter footballer Christian "Bobo" Vieri, she then became a regular participant in football tv programmes - and the fantasy of many football tv fans.

She's perhaps the most typical of Italy's sexy women - what with the television appearances, a footballer as an ex-boyfriend and plenty of work as a lingerie model! Perhaps, a few more years at an acting school would have done the trick.

Her first step into the hall of fame was winning Italy's most important beauty contest, Miss Italia in 1991.

Although there were insistent talks of a wedding between the two, it never happened.

Manuela Arcuri was born in Anagni, not too far from Rome, and started as a model before becoming an actress and one of Italy's favourite calendar women.

She was then 16; it is said that her parents covered the walls of their family-run pizzeria in Riccione with photos of her.

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