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I was just surprised that it got so much attention.

The tank top became an emblem of this thing." "So we decided to go out for dinner, we decided to travel [...] A relationship in the limelight …

It was with this guy I was dating and he was about to go off to college and I was thinking about all the things that I knew would remind him of me.” The internet claims this former boyfriend is either Drew Dunlap or Brandon Borello, both of whom are linked to multiple songs on .

She said, "He's awesome, we are not a couple though." Whatever., “When I met her she was glowing, and I was too.

It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonderstruck to meet her." After hearing Young's poetic way of speaking, it's no surprise Swifty reportedly wrote the song “Enchanted” for him.

We've all heard "Blank Space." We know Taylor Swift has a long list of ex-lovers and that they'll tell you she's insane. Dreamy Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas dated Swift back in 2008 and the pair had a tumultuous breakup that inspired this very cringe-worthy You Tube video, and Swift's most problematic and slut-shaming song "Better Than Revenge" - a song about Jonas' ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle. #6 on Rank All of Taylor Swift's Exes #25 on Musicians You Would Want To Take Home To Meet Your Parents John Mayer dated Swift from December 2009 until February 2010, inspiring her break up anthem "Dear John".

But those exes might also be dishing some other deets that aren't inflammatory accusations about her mental well-being; they could be telling you everything you've ever wanted to know about what's it like to date Taylor Swift. You can learn a lot about her most famous boyfriends to her lesser known lovers through Taylor's songs. Jonas shared his thoughts about their breakout on his Myspace page. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause you to think less of me," […] For those who have expressed concern over the '27 second' phone call, I called to discuss feelings with the other person. Turns out, Mayer had a lot of feelings about being the subject of a fairly inflammatory song.

Wearing an 'I Heart TS' tank top while frolicking in the ocean doesn't exactly help one's chances of becoming James Bond.

He opened up about a relationship many assumed to be weird PR stunting - and that tank top - in an interview with GQ: "The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back.

Styles talked about his relationship with Swift during a Google Hangout with his band mates, and touched upon her writing songs about him: "We write from personal experience, and I think everyone does, so it would be hypocritical of us to be like, 'Oh you can't write about us,' And she's really good, so they're good songs,, […] I'm really lucky in that sense." Age: 23 Birthplace: Redditch, United Kingdom Also Ranked #19 on Celebrity Men You Think You Might Have A Shot With #37 on Who Is America's Boyfriend in 2018?

#5 on Rank All of Taylor Swift's Exes #7 on The Greatest English Pop Singers Tom Hiddleston made a bit of a spectacle of himself during his time dating Taylor Swift.

A decade into her career, Taylor Swift has established herself as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of her generation.

Swift has always written about her life, but as her fame as bloomed, the subjects of her songs have morphed from random high school guys to incredibly famous celebrities, and fans have had more fun asking, “So who’s this one about?

” To mark her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” and the announcement of her upcoming album , we’ve put together a sourced list of the inspiration behind some of her many songs.

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