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Another app that’s been around for a long time but that’s still going strong is Yahoo Messenger.

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These include forums, blogs, articles, mail, polls, galleries and videos.

While engaging in instant messenger you can always invite your chat partner to join you on another feature on our site or to vote for you in our Am I hot?

The language barrier is no problem as you can use emoticons and "smileys" in your conversations.

You can make new sex contacts by using Adult IM on our site.

If your chat app of choice isn’t natively supported, don’t worry.

Pidgin has an extensive library of plug-ins, many of which bring functionality to additional chat clients.

How it works is that you take part in real-time conversations with a swinger while you get images of this chat form the site.

You can also add potential sex partners to your buddy list and then you will immediately know when members on your list in logged unto our site.

Mature members like to chat with other experienced swingers to the more people you have on your friend list the more you’ll get invited to naughty chats!

With IM taking over adult dating there is no more such a thing as a shy swinger.

And finally, it offers group chats based around a certain topic.

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