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43 year old Crime prevention officer at Northumbria Police used force IT system to find out about an incident involving tenants at his flat without authorisation. 12-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay 85 costs and a 30 victim surcharge.19 year old man involved in 2015 attack on ISP Talk Talk stole customer data and demanded a payment of 465 bitcoins. Essex man harvested 2,133 passwords and usernames found in his possession in order to commit online fraud. Sentenced to prison for 18 months suspended for two years, to 200 hours community service, and ordered to attend a rehabilitation course and to pay back the profits of his crime (8,829.32).The airport's website was down for three days and said the breach cost 40,000 to fix. Sentenced to 32 weeks in prison, issued with a Criminal behaviour Order (CBO) preventing him from owning an internet enabled device unless he follows a set of strict rules for five years and ordered to pay 150 as a victim surcharge Restaurateur Gordon Ramsay family feud.

A Flybe spokesperson said: ‘Flybe confirms that a small, privately owned Cessna Citation light aircraft incurred minor damage on December 14, 2009, at Exeter International Airport when it experienced buffeting during the routine maintenance testing of a thirdparty CRJ-900 jet aircraft’s engines.

‘The aircraft was parked in an area adjacent to the airport’s designated engine ground-run base, a specialised area featuring an approved blast wall which is used regularly and frequently to ground-run and test jet engines.

It is unclear whether he had parked unusually close to the testing area, whether the Bombardier’s engines were incorrectly positioned or whether the blast wall was breached.

There were no casualties and no one was in Mr Mansell’s aircraft at the time.

Copyright in the database and this extract Michael J L Turner 1992 - 2017. Ex-Harrods IT worker asked computer repair shop to help him retrieve personal files (including his National Insurance number) on his company-issued laptop. Fined 135 for the CMA s1 offence, ordered to pay 85 costs and 30 victim surcharge Merseyside PC accessed police intelligence systems to snoop on two girlfriends and their previous partners Guilty plea.

All contributions welcomed, please submit any suggested additions and corrections by e-mail. Sentenced to nine months in jail suspended for two years, 200 hours of unpaid work, six month curfew 7pm and 7am (monitored by a tag) and 20 rehabilitation activity days.Engines can be pushed to full throttle against a heat-resistant wall.But somehow Mr Mansell’s jet was buffeted by the 650-degree Centigrade exhaust.Sentenced to 255 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay costs.Bored 17 year-old developed scripts to help harvest Mumsnet usernames and passwords and hacked into his school intranet.Received Rental Income of some 386,000 from 112,000 registered users. Sentenced to two years in a young offenders institute.

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