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We tell you the days of the week and specific times when the prices are particularly attractive.

On tuesdays, the prices of products from the Boot Jacks product range in the „Shoes“ product group are largely the same as the weekly average.

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We also, however, tell you when you can typically pick up products from the Shoes/Boot Jacks product range at a particularly attractive price. For more details, see the price analysis graphs below.

By comparing prices, you can save a lot of money, in particular on big-ticket items.

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Note: sleeping bags should not be stored in the stuff-sack at home, as this will mat the filling, causing a reduction in loft, and thus warmth.

The basic rule is wear one set of clothes and pack one change of clothes unless weather is a major consideration.(Some ultra light people do not bring any clothes except what they wear.) Each Buddy Team: Two-man tent (count the stakes) and ground cloth (optional) Group Equipment – Distributed among hikers Water filters – Water jugs/bottles/bags Stove and fuel bottles Large and/or medium cooking pots Cook Kit: spatula, serving spoon and/or utensils, measuring cup, camp suds and sponge, bleach, scrubber, Purell Stuff sacks for food Bear bags and rope (50 ft ¼” braided nylon rope, 50 ft 1/8” parachute cord, 2 ft 1/8” nylon cord) or Bear Canisters in some areas Repair Kit (sewing kit, small piece of cloth, safety pins, wire, pliers or Leatherman, superglue, tube, O rings for filter, rope, and more) Troop First Aid Kit (check it every hike) Permits, Maps, Medical Forms Pack List Weights in pounds No one should be carrying the “High Weight”.In this way, you'll find almost every product from the Shoes: Boot Jacks section on our site that is currently available to buy online.And the best thing: not only will we show you which online shop you can currently buy the particular product you're looking for from, but we'll also let slip where you can buy that product at the best price!Some prices are updated several times a day and adapted in line with competitors’ offers.Our price trend shows you the trend development of prices for products in the Shoes/Boot Jacks product range over the last few weeks and months.Sleeping Bags are available in many sizes, fabric, fill, color, and price.

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