Microsofr sharepoint workspace not updating

There is also an option to sync specific files or folders for offline use.

It is a brilliant feature, especially for Ultrabooks or tablets like Surface which have relatively small SSDs.

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One Drive for Business, with its reassuring professional name, should be better but is not.

Users set it up, everything goes well for a bit, and then messages appear about documents failing to sync.

Remember Briefcase, a feature of Windows 95 and later, which syncs files between two folders, one of which can be on a removable drive or on the network?

Briefcase was mostly replaced by offline network shares that synchronise local and server copies, a feature which remains in Windows today.

If you have an existing Microsoft account, you already have One Drive.

Anyone can sign up for a One Drive account with One Drive account.

When Windows 8.1 was released, Microsoft introduced an innovation for consumer One Drive.

A feature called Smart Files was added to Windows, so that cloud files could appear in Windows Explorer without actually being downloaded, but are made available on demand.

With all this history, nobody could accuse Microsoft of lack of experience in synchronisation, and yet neither the consumer One Drive client nor the One Drive for Business client works as well as it should.

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