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*Pink: She gets gay rumors, I think, because she’s not all jacked up and girly. *Kate Moss : Lots of rumors about threesomes and orgies doesn’t make someone gay!

But I buy her relationship with Carey Hart, so meh. *Jamie Foxx : Apparently the gay rumors about Jamie (that I’ve never really heard) stem from one scorned woman who spread it around that Jamie liked men. *Robert Pattinson: The Enquirer seems to think Sparkles may be gay because he once said he was as a joke. And probably the accent and the prettiness doesn’t help either.

The Enquirer says Vin Diesel claimed he preferred to “date in Europe” because they know about the “code of silence”.

And apparently – and this was so shocking to me – Tyra is surrounded by gay guys on America’s Next Top Model. *Megan Fox : Because she pretends to be bisexual to get attention.

*Vin Diesel : This is another rumor I always thought had some truth.

- Jamie also reportedly told mag in his cover issue that he and his wife want more kids together.

“You know, my wife and I want more babies,” he said.

It’s recently been reported that the two are on the outs.” Oh, yes. *Selma Blair : She could be gay because she kissed Sarah Michelle Gellar in , and because her marriage to Ahmet Zappa fell apart.

I love it not because there’s so much new information, or that the Enquirer got some kind of scoop, but because it’s so inappropriate. The Enquirer puts these two sentences together for “who’s gay” effect: “Zac has long dated co-star Vanessa Hudgens, but some believe the relationship was arranged to throw a damper on the gay hoopla.- Finally, will Amelia be seeing the movie in theaters? Another one of famous men seems to be available for women so they can be happy about it.* Kirstie Alley : The Enquirer thinks she’s gay because she’s overweight and because she hasn’t been in a relationship in years.I think that just means she’s got some sh-t she needs to work out, but whatever.But, the Enquirer admits that Lance does have a history with ladies, so whatever.

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