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And the odds of this non-randomness being accidental 66 times in a row is equivalent to flipping a coin 66 times and having it come up heads every time, more than a billion billion to one!

The configuration of the polarity is strangely similar to a modern particle accelerator like the Large Hadron Collider now coming on stream in Europe.

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We were taught that Copernicus discovered the heliocentric system (earth revolves around the sun) in 1543, but it has recently come to light that the ancient Vedas taught the same and so did Aristarchos of Samos and Archimedes, two Greeks that taught the heliocentric system almost 2000 before it was "discovered" by Copernicus.

This story repeats again and again with engineered structures, metallurgy, plant hybridization, mathematics and many other sciences – it seems we are just rediscovering that our ancient ancestors weren't so primitive after all.

They talked about it in myth and folklore and certain ancient texts, Plato called it The Great Year.

Ancient cultures around the world believed that history or consciousness moved in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages.

Avebury is roughly three times the size of its famous cousin and even contains a small English village inside.

The purpose of these henges, and other megalithic structures from the Neolithic period, has long been a mystery.

This ancient manmade super soil has been studied at Cornell University but still no one today knows how to recreate it.

And scientist John Burke (see sidebar) has shown us the megalithic stones at Avebury are neatly aligned by polarity.

Without knowledge of our peculiar modern society, they would be hard pressed to imagine the innovations of today. Just as our great great grandfather could hardly envision our present so too is it exceedingly difficult for us to see our distant future.

Just one hundred years ago, few could have imagined we would now be sending robots to the surface of Mars, cloning plants and animals and carrying around little mobile devices that enable us to instantly talk to or text someone half way around the world. " And cloning would probably frighten him – if he believed you.

The recent and startlingly findings of two international scientists, American John Burke and Dane Kaj Halberg, only increases the enigma.

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