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March 19th – the NC is almost all fixed up – getting close.Transferring the massive amount of user uploaded avatars and stuff took much longer than expected.In today’s post, we’ll look at which plugin is right for you based on how you want to interact with your clients, fans, co-workers, or employees — seeing them face-to-face from within your Word Press site.

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Minor disk space and bandwidth usage, wp Xtube only downloads the preview thumb of each videos and hotlinks the videos when they are played.

There are many amazing video chat plugins for Word Press, but which one to choose? It’s certainly a fantastic way to connect to your customers, audience, and team from around the world, all from the comfort of your own home, office, or both.

We are developing a social website and looking to implement video/audio chat for users (people a user is friends with).

Most of the talk from the tech team was to use flash. Can video/audio/conferencing be done purely in AJAX?

It’s a fantastic plugin if you’d like to offer one-on-one video chats between yourself and your clients, especially when you purchase the full subscription for $48 a month to take advantage of all its capabilities.

A basic plan will set you back a month for just one-on-one video chat and 15 hours of the plugin’s use is included.

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Thanks to the XML feeds technologies, wp Xtube will automatically update your tube site with new videos directly from the adult sponsor without any Xtube is an all in one Word Press plug-in that features all the necessary functions that are needed to run a powerful adult tube site.

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