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Continuing with the metaphor of Greenberg's comedy and the issue of codependence, the person is constantly communicating to their lover, "I need to be taken care of.

Through the years I have been repeatedly presented with this question from troubled lovers who are seeking to understand themselves, the person they are attempting to build a relationship with and the nature of the relationship they are in.

Others do not ask the question but continue to doggedly pursue relationships that make them unhappy. The term "codendency" is not in the DSM and is borrowed from the language of drug and alcohol addiction.

The individual remains always yearning for approval and never able to assert who they are.

Therefore, the "Jewish Mother" trains her children to become the types of people who need to be taken care of.

We all have our moments of weakness, especially on the internet—thank goodness we can delete our browser history.

What we can’t delete, though, is Google Trends data.

In this scenario, the lover cannot be the individual they really are, but must fulfill a role their partner has for them. Because of low self esteem and deep seated insecurity, the codependent cannot be the person they really are.

That role is to provide unbending love and security. Instead, they work to please the other person in order to ensure they will be loved.

This is excellent for our purposes today because now we can revel in each state’s embarrassing, gross, or bizarre online guilty pleasure!

Curious about how we determined your state’s guilty pleasure?

There are those times when it is the man who is extremely insecure and dependent.

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