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Calling himself the Riddler and joining forces with an unpredictable madman named Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), Nygma begins to distribute a device that will allow him to sap the intelligence from everyone living in Gotham.

As Wayne rises to this newest challenge, trains a young man named Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell), and attempts to confront his fears with the help of a slinky psychologist (Nicole Kidman), he has to stop the Riddler and Two-Face from destroying everything he holds dear.

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As Batman, Robin, and Batgirl race to save Gotham from an even more convoluted threat than was served up in Batman Forever, they have to deal with Alfred's cancer, overcome their interpersonal issues, defeat neon-lit henchmen, and prevent a cadre of villains from achieving their evil schemes.

Much has been written about Batman & Robin, so much so that I hesitate to hurl another log on the would-be-franchise-ender's funeral pyre.

I know there are plenty of filmfans out there who adore its quirky sensibilities and surrealist tangents, but I've never been able to get past its missile- packing penguins, over-the-top carnival baddies, or plodding plot developments.

While the sizzling chemistry between Pfeiffer and Keaton and the intriguing interactions between Catwoman and Batman makes the entire production worth watching, both aspects also take a back seat to a variety of meandering storylines that abandon the twisted fun of the original Batman in favor of bleak imagery, despondent characters, and lackluster villainy.

O'Donnell may make a few missteps along the way, but he's a far more relevant addition to the roster than he is in Batman & Robin.

In fact, only Kidman and the remaining supporting cast undermine Schumacher's decidedly decent efforts.

I doubt Burton (or Warner Brothers for that matter) could have imagined his dark and violent reinvention of DC Comics' iconic vigilante would go on to influence twenty years of cinema, motivate a floundering genre, and pave the way for grittier superhero successes like Blade, X-Men, Sin City, Iron Man, and, of course, director Christopher Nolan's own revered interpretations of the caped crusader, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Sadly, Burton also couldn't have predicted the coming storm of lesser sequels that threatened to derail the entire franchise.

While the comic books he relied on for reference remain a mystery, he nevertheless amped up the franchise's palette, cheesed up its mythos, and dropped a surprisingly one-note Val Kilmer into Batman's boots.

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