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In late 1389 Hekla erupted again (VEI 3), starting with a large ejection of tephra to the southeast.

Later "the eruption fissure moved itself out of the mountain proper and into the woods a little above Skard".

Eruptions in Hekla are varied and difficult to predict.

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A very small eruption, possibly only VEI 1, took place on 2 April 1725, producing flows of lava from locations around Hekla which have since been covered by later lava flows.

These eruptions are not classed as of Hekla itself based on the Si O, of any Icelandic volcano during the inhabited era.

Tephra was deposited over Rangárvellir, Holt and Landeyjar, 0.2 km during the entire eruption, which also caused lahars and tsunami.

The tephra was deposited to the northwest, destroying and damaging farms and woodland in Þjórsárdalur, Land, Hreppar and Biskupstungur. There was damage to wildlife with significant numbers of trout, salmon, ptarmigan and farm animals dying.

Rangárvellir, Land and Hreppar also suffered damage.

During the eruption up to 0.5 m lava bombs were thrown 15–20 km away, and flooding was caused by the sudden melting of snow and ice on Hekla's slopes.This would have cooled temperatures in the northern parts of the globe for a few years afterwards.Traces of this eruption have been identified in Scottish peat bogs, and in Ireland a study of tree rings dating from this period has shown negligible tree ring growth for a decade. This was the second largest tephra eruption in the country in historical times with a VEI of 5.The most active part of this ridge, a fissure about 5.5 km (3.4 mi) long named Heklugjá, is considered to be within Hekla proper.Hekla looks rather like an overturned boat, with its keel being a series of craters, two of which are generally the most active.The unusual form of Hekla is found on very few volcanoes around the world, notably Callaqui in Chile.

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