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If you don't believe us that dating apps can negatively impact your self esteem, take it from the American Psychological Association's study on Tinder's influence on self-esteem.

Jessica Strübel, Ph D, of the University of North Texas, explains, “Tinder users reported having lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and bodies and having lower levels of self-worth than the men and women who did not use Tinder." There are plenty of healthy alternatives to using a dating app.

While one loathsome idiot shouldn’t deter you from using any dating app, it might be time to save yourself from unnecessary abuse if you start to receive multiple derogatory messages.

No matter what you tell yourself, if you’re talking to other people in a romantic way when you’re ‘in like’ with someone else, then you’re probably feeling like you’re hiding something from them.

Call it guilt or a selfish way to make yourself look slightly less terrible, but it will make you feel better to delete the apps altogether.

While you might periodically uninstall your dating apps whenever you get a crude message — so you know, three times a day — there are several factors that should deter you from using them.

Pretty much everyone has come across an unhealthy amount of hyper-sexualized pickup lines or crude messages on every dating app.

After all, are you really going to miss getting those creepy Tinder messages every day?

While every college girl boss is busy, some are just especially busy.

There are better ways to heal yourself rather than seek validation that you are beautiful and worthy through an app.” While it might be nice to know that people other than your goldfish (fish are people too) like you, you’re ultimately just going to feel crappy when you swipe right on a cutie only to find out that it isn’t a match.

Now, the app that made you feel momentarily great about yourself makes you feel like you’re less than, but in reality you’re a catch and that person is just shallow.

Working on some self-love is a much more fruitful way to make you feel better about yourself, without giving you any forced boost of self-worth.

Instead of swiping away your body image woes, get your girl squad together, put on some face masks and watch Netflix.

However, if you’re getting too many of these messages, it might be time to consider deleting your profiles.

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