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Every new migrant has to attend the courses, which are sponsored by the government.

"The immigrants arriving to the USA through normal immigrant channels, such as immigration on the basis of skills and qualification or even after winning the Green Card Lottery, they are prepared for immigration because they were looking for a better country and they research into the vital information and connections beforehand," -- says Elena.

This very measure would help to avoid most typical problems in international marriages." Elena's Models is a dating agency offering introductions to Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women seeking dating, love, marriage and romance with western men.

"For the most women the country of their future partner is of no importance; they care more for the quality of The Man", -- says Elena.

-- "They feel once they have found the right man, their life is going to change like in a fairy-tale: first the wedding, and then they will live happily ever after." This often results in the situation where Russian women arrive to their new country as total strangers, without the knowledge of the culture or the language, and the only contact they have is with their partner/husband.

- "To protect women from isolation and vulnerability, something should be done on the government level.

If the government offered compulsory courses for new migrants where they could learn the language, the laws and the culture of their new country, it would also eliminate the problem of isolation and making new friends and give women an instant support network that they need so much.

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This means the numbers of Russian women arriving to the USA and other countries on marriage visas will also increase.

"Until Russia develops a new culture that will not require from women to be married, in order to gain a respectable social status, or Russian demographics change, the situation with Russian women marrying western men can continue its dynamics," -- says Elena.

-- "Russian girls arriving to the USA on marriage visas are often completely unprepared to the challenge they face." Russia has one of the lowest men to women ratio in the world: according to the latest Russian census, there are 10 million more women than men, or only 88 women for 100 men.

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