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If you are sure that a value change impacts that one column only, then you can set the grid property "Group B2" and column "Column C".

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Ideally you should not want to turn off change detection, however the option is there if you choose to turn it off.

One thing that may entice you to turn it off is if you have some custom value getters that are doing some time intensive calculations, you may want limit the number of times they are called and have more control over when refreshing is done.

The path selections ensure only the minimal amount of recalculations are done.

To demonstrate this, the example installs it's own aggregation function for summing.

If you do need to provide custom comparison of objects, use the .

This will stop the change detection process firing when the above events happen.The following example is the same as the example above Change Detection and Groups except it gets the grid to do an batch update so that the grouping, sorting and filtering are recomputed.From the example, the following can be noted: When data in the grid updates and aggregations are active, the grid will not recompute all aggregations again from scratch.In this scenario, your component's method will get called with the new value when the value changes.It is your component's responsibility to save this new value to the components state so it will be picked up as a change from the frameworks change detection.So for example, if you are grouping by a column and summing by a value, and one of those values change, then the summed value should also change.

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