Internet dating money order scams nigeria rural dating nz

A foreign national or foreign royalty contacts you and tells you they are fleeing to America or for some reason need your help getting money into the country.

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Victims have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in "taxes" - there is no refund or prize!

You receive a check to shop for products or test a company's customer service and you need to return a portion of the money in the process.

Once trust is established, the scammer will push to take the communications to email or an instant messenger service.

The new online lover will soon have a problem which requires money to fix.

This gives them a good reason for why they cannot meet their intended in person.

Romance scams are a long form of social engineering.

You get a job helping a company with their "payroll".

You receive checks and deposit them in your account. This scam is common among victims who have posted an online resume or job ad on a classified site.

It could be a personal emergency like a family member who needs immediate medical attention, or some kind of financial hardship like a failed business or street mugging.

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