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The fact that he brought Taylor with him to the event, knowing that they’d be photographed together, suggests that the two are not only back on, but perhaps serious once more.

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He has not confirmed being back on with Taylor, but the two have made plenty of appearances — and have been holding hands — all over the world lately.

Seacrest doesn’t need to say much about his relationship status; the photos speak for themselves.

The couple, who moved in together in the spring, wore plain clothes and only drank water.

Seacrest and Taylor, 42 and 26 respectively, had no food.

They have been seen spending time together over the past several months.

Seacrest is generally a very private person when it comes to his dating life.We took a picture in this same spot over 3 years ago, & here we are again . Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, Shayna Terese Taylor, shared a romantic Instagram post featuring the Live with Kelly and Ryan cohost on Tuesday, May 30.“I did get close and I didn’t do it and it was the right move,” the On Air With Ryan Seacrest host explained during the May 3 episode.Ryan Seacrest and his longtime girlfriend Shayna Taylor hit the lanes Tuesday night.This marks the most recent public appearance for Seacrest and Taylor and the only “red” carpet appearance that the two have made together.

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