Completely dating sites like plentyoffish

For an activity based site, it’s surprising there is no date/time filtering for searches and a lack of standard messaging features makes it hard to use the service to keep in touch with successful dates using the site. Match Activity is free, but offers a /month premium version to allow one-on-one communication outside of activity planning.

Completely dating sites like plentyoffish

Match Tag’s added calendar feature makes it easy to not only find activities you know you like but also stumble upon new ones.

Mingle Now, a new venture from Blue Lithium, is pre-launch.

You can add your email to the home page for updates, or see their blog here.

Early reports from testers say that Mingle Now aims to join online and offline social gathering.

Friends, family and ex’s are asked to leave feedback about them. A key selling point is that married or otherwise unavailable people don’t use the site.

Guided by the recommendations, users search for themselves or recommend matches for their friends.

Its tagline is “Find People Who Don’t Suck,” and tagging plays a big part in the service.

Consumating is clearly aimed young hipsters, who can make themselves more “popular” by answering questions to fill out their profile.

Also, for a bit of humor, check out this post by Damien Mulley on how to use Google to get laid.

Great Boy Friends, which was acquired by The Knot in 2005, tries to remove the exaggeration (or lie) factor inherent in online dating.

Other features include labels (tags), a short description, location mapping, and an anonymous email to be reached at.

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