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They often pretend to be divorced with kids and a huge house. They claim to be Western men who are overseas in Africa on some sort of job.Of course the inevitable horrible problems befell this poor fellow (wink), or he falls madly in love with you, and yes he does need that plane ticket to fly back to the US so you can live happily ever after with your Dream Man.

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Women all over the world are getting in on the dating scamming.

Most people don’t have the faintest idea what the dating scam even is.

Others were threatening to go to Nigeria, acquire some bombs and blow up Internet cafes.

We had men who had lost up to $32,000 to scammers, and a number of them had fallen for the scam quite a few times.

They hatched dozens of new scams and they come up with even newer ones all the time.

Many people are falling for the various dating scams, which are also run by Russian organized crime and now even Filipinas and Chinese East European women.I guess it’s mostly the dumbest segment of western women, rather than men, who fall for Nigerian dating scams, and they are most likely to be fat and ugly.They have totally branched out from that stupid 419 scam that everyone is so familiar with.Even I sometimes get friend requests on facebook from profiles that have a picture of an African woman.I don’t know where they get my contact from, but common sense tells me to stay away, no matter how hot the woman in that picture may be.They even sent spies into our group that was fighting them.

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