Dating a pro lifer

I hope that those of you who choose to read it will like it, and, as always, will offer your comments to me, either on the site or in private at my email above. He stood over me in his heavy winter clothing and ski mask then dragged me out from under the warm blankets and out onto the deck where a new layer of snow had fallen during the night.

Here's the direct link: addition, I am pleased to add our first female to our little group, Mwb. I struggled but the sudden shock of the cold gave me pause, enough time for him to tear open my nice new flannel shirt and expose my breasts to the metal railing.

Strange the things one remembers after 35-40 years. Pedro at Elite/Mood: the pic I used in my last note is of interest to me for several reasons. Second, the item used seems to have been used once, but if more times, certainly to best effect here. Third, I've noted that the whippers always seem to come from just one angle, therefore not much symmetry to the striations. So, I hope you don't mind if I sneak in this short bit.

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If anyone has seen the scene and has an opinion, it'd be great to hear about it too. [ For Eda, writer extraordinaire, who invited us to suggest appropriate punishment.

Here is my offering, in the form of the short-short (6 word) short story: Naked, racked, gleaming, gagged, bastinadoed. Would love to see a bit more attention to bastinado and punishments of bares soles in forum discussions and postings, stories and movies. And thanks (belatedly) to Reine Margot for her lovely New Year's image, to Amy for boasting of her ability to endure treatments that others cannot, and to Covers who posted, a few weeks ago, one of the most dramatic covers of my formative years (the blonde bound on a platform, arms outstretched, back and soles bared for the lash. Our fretting over Ralphus’ mysterious (until now) absence is just another of the reasons I love this forum.

An AOH "holy grail" of mine, "Undercover Vixens" has been sitting on Amazon for a while and I wanted to see if anyone can help me get it.

Below is a late Hank Hobbs screengrab I just posted at the DFN AOH group.

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And as a side note, Mwb, I think your ass is just fine." OOPS. Damn if my nips didn't double in size, something he noticed and cheered about.

He tied my wrists together with a loop around my neck, then pulled down the flannel bottoms and spread my cheeks to finger my sex and ass.

@ Ed 5378 If I recall correctly there were two "pirate-themed" novels in the Tortura Press catalogue in the 1970's.

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