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It is also not common in their dating culture for a girl to go to a mans home or apartment.

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You can also use We Chat’s people near you option, look for girls offering massage or escort services.

You can also meet street prostitutes in Louhu which is a red light area where much of the pay for play sex in Shenzhen is located, including many of the massage parlors.

If you want to try and pay prostitutes for sex then there will be plenty of tips on that.

The best way to do it revolves around visiting erotic sex massage parlors around town.

So if you are taking a tour of Asia or China then you should definitely stop here along your travels.

China doesn’t have the same in your face prostitution as you will find in Bangkok but there are lots of ways to monger here.

Often times when you visit they will show you an unattractive girl at first, if you don’t like what you see ask for another.

If you are lucky you may get to see a full lineup of sexy ladies and choose the one you like but that can be rare here.

They charge you a whole lot of money to hang out with pretty girls and sex is not even guaranteed.

If you have a lot of money to burn and want to give one a shot then go for it, but they are pretty terrible value.

The best way to find girls for sex in Shenzhen is erotic massage spas.

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