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I had to find all that again.”The turning point came with a beautiful piano-laden ballad called Dear Anna, the first tune in ages that Wood was compelled to record.Then he rediscovered the joy of electric guitar while recording the soaring A World Between Us.

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I said that the One Two Magnetic Lashes didn’t work. (Clearly this is not a sponsored post) After I wrote my review of One Two Lashes last week, I just couldn’t give up on them.

Partly because I’m tenacious and partly because I shelled out $100 for them.

“I just went full steam ahead with all of these ideas and things I’d been cooking up, and I quickly exhausted myself over the course of a year and a half.

I had nothing left, and once you have nothing, you’re forced to feel a lot of things.

Written in 2003, the song was inspired by the old theatre tradition of keeping a light lit to protect against ghosts. I didn’t go over to the piano when I was four years old because I wanted to be on the radio.

“With this record, I wrote the songs tucked away by myself and then made the record without anyone’s influence. It’s just me and the ghost in the room, performing, writing and existing the way I started as a kid. I bought my angel on the 4th of July I didn't plan it, it just happened that way I guess faith stepped in the end 'Cause I needed you then When I bought him they said "Are you sure?No refunds, returns, or exchanges because once He's yours he's yours for good." Now you behave like an angel should 'Cause I saw it on TV They were selling pieces of heaven And I thought, "Hey what about me? " I chained my angel to eaves trough It was November and I think I pissed him off He's mad but I don't care You're my angel so there I figure its only about 60 more years So come on angel, stop all the tears Come sing me a song or two Or whatever it is you angels do 'Cause I saw it on TV They were selling pieces of heaven And I thought, hey what about me When can I make reservations My pet angel's got a long lost friend Who says he's coming back when the world ends When us humans have lost our touch God never liked people that much 'Cause he saw it on TV They were selling pieces of heaven And he thought, "Well how can this be What in the Hell are they thinking?A sommelier-in-training, Wood makes his home on the family’s farm near Peterborough.He recently purchased the property from his parents.Whatever you're into -- be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre, or comedy -- q is there. 23: Laurie Anderson finds hope in loss Iconic avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson talks about how her experience of Hurricane Sandy inspired her new album and book. 23: Laurie Anderson finds hope in loss [mp3 file: runs ] Feb.

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