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Bud, I want to pass along to you my impressions of the affiliate staff in Kharkov also. Elena, the office manager, couldn't have been more helpful to me!

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She is smart and has one of the most soft and innocent spirits I have ever seen in a woman; that was the very reason I went to China! (Smile) We talk, text or send voice messages many times a day since my return from China. I am flying her out this month to spend just a short time with me (Dec 29th thru Jan 3rd) in Reno.

I will be going back to Shenzhen in April to spend about 10-days meeting her father and step-mother and two sisters.

The ultimate compliment that I can give is that I have encouraged my college age son to consider doing an AFA tour when he finishes school to find a wife!!

Most of the men were unrealistic in their expectations but those of us who were reasonably level headed did just wonderful.

I rarely see someone who is matched for his job as correctly as Bud!

He was big brother, father, coach, cop, psychologist, storyteller, bearer of truth (25 65 = DOES NOT HAPPEN) sheepherder, and friend all rolled into one!!I remember you telling me that your China trips are AFA's best kept secret!I know marketing is everything and I thought you could use some testimonies! Building close friendships with the some of the other guys that come to the Socials was something I never expected as well. Also, I really need you help on a couple of things.She already has a US visa and has actually traveled to many countries including San Francisco (she has a drivers licence and drove in San Francisco traffic if you can believe that!!) She holds a Masters Degree and is a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; she has over 400-songs recorded on line! We have set a date to get married August 7th, 2018 (my birthday).I want to thank you for all your help; my China trip was very successful.

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