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It is a unique word used only for this stupendous event.

Eight other Hebrew words are used to describe local floods.

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In addition to the Bible, many very early historical records also document this Flood.

Two problems about which there are great differences are: the date of the Flood, and whether it was local or universal.

With the stupendous weight of new runoff water on the earth's mantle, mountains were uplifted.

Today the continents and highest mountains are covered with sea fossils.

But, for sure, a cataclysmic, worldwide flood would have had an enormous effect on the surface of the planet.

Psalm 104: 8 says, "The mountains rose up; the valleys sank down." Oceans deepened due to the weight of water running off land surfaces into them.

Preparation for the Flood Was an Ark really necessary?

All the time, effort, and expense of building this enormous ship was wasted if it were only a local flood.

However, this does not mean the waters had to be deep enough to cover modern Mt. Mountains were uplifted by the pressures on the earth's mantle.

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