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This will garner the response (whether verbal or physical) you’re looking for.American film director and screenwriter Robert Bernard Altman once said, “I love fishing.

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That’s like going fishing and saying, “I want to catch a purple fish today.” Sure, maybe you will. So now that you understand you can’t always get what you want, what’s next?

You wouldn’t go fishing without bringing along a bucket of bait, would you?

Even if you get a line from your favorite music then you would eventually pop up too.

When you are reading their profile you will come to know that they also love to do what you do.

Work out a little bit on their profile for a bit and check out what movies they like or what music they listen to.

This is your perfect subject line weapon to make them reply as soon as they read it.So how do you get them to tell you what you want to hear?And does this become even more difficult when it’s coming from a woman on one of your online dating sites? If you’re looking for certain responses to online inquiries, first understand that you might never get it.Reference their profile – “Hello from a fellow Man City fan,” is better than “Hello”, but not as good as, “Why I think we’ll lose on Saturday”. ” You’re more likely to get a reply if your first message is short – just three or four sentences. Plus, they’re boring to answer, as they appear to require a lengthy reply. Don’t take this to extremes, however, and end up sending, “Hi how r u? One of the mysteries of human evolution is how we can identify mail-shot emails within seconds of reading them. But it’s just an efficient way of putting 50 women off.Make sure your email spells out why you’re writing to this person in particular, out of all the other thousands of members. ” unless you want to receive silence or a smiley face. And always remember the golden rule: You create the perfect opening email, so you simply send it to everyone you find attractive and the replies will start flooding in. If you are confused what is to write in the subject line then keep on reading.

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