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I was not sure where to stay in Delhi because I wanted to rent an apartment and I was looking for a locality which is nearer to my office, easy to commute and easier on my pocket.

Location- It is situated in the suburbs of Bangalore and is near to HAL airport.

Connectivity and Transport- It is connected to Domlur, Electronic city, Whitefield, and other major IT hubs by the outer ring road. Marathalli Bridge is the place from you can get transport to any place in Bangalore.

PG’s are available on sharing basis, more the number of people less your rent will be. While overall flat rents are high and even if you manage to find a cozy flat with a reasonable tag, the caution money is very high for you to afford.

I am going to name few places to live in Bangalore where you can find accommodations which will be good for both your living experience and your budget.

Paying guest (PG) accommodations are the natural choice of people who wants to keep their expenses in check either by choice or by compulsion.

But if you are married or living in with someone then you can go for flats too, there are several places were you can find good PG’s to share or flats to rent.Connectivity and Transport- Hebbal has excellent connectivity to all the major areas of Bangalore along with the Airport thanks to the flyover connecting the national highway NH7 and exiting at Gayatri lake front.Living cost- Moderate Accommodations- Accommodations cost is quite reasonable here regardless of the fact that it is a well connected area, and avails all basic facilities that others provide.Ac and Non Ac buses along with shared cabbies are also available in abundance.Living cost- Reasonable (far more cheaper than the previous two locations) Accommodations- Same as the other areas, price is little cheaper and most popular place of residence among IT professionals.Bangalore is surrounded with thick tree and plantation covers along with several botanical gardens and lakes making it an excellent environment for its inhabitants.

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