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The central area (urban core) of the city Los Angeles extends from the Santa Monica Mountains to South Los Angeles and from the boundaries of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Culver City to East Los Angeles grew only 0.7 percent.Uniquely, the central area densified strongly between 19, while other urban cores nearly all declined in population, whether in the United States or Western Europe.Further, job growth is stagnant, with virtually no change in private sector employment over the last decade, despite substantial government subsidies.

Joseph Missouri (which has since lost more than one quarter of its population).

As people moved West in the intervening decades and especially after World War II, the Los Angeles area exploded in population.

More remote areas of the desert extending to the Nevada and Arizona borders added 42 percent to their population (Table 2, Figure 1 and 2).

City of Los Angeles: The dispersion of population was also evident in the city of Los Angeles.

Between 19, the population of the San Fernando Valley grew from 300,000 to 1,400,000.

Thus, the Valley grew like virtually every fast-growing historical core city in the nation that has grown since 1950, by filling up empty land (Figure 3).The Los Angeles combined statistical area (analogous to the former consolidated metropolitan statistical area) is made up of three metropolitan areas, Los Angeles, Riverside – San Bernardino and Oxnard (Ventura County).This combined area covers 35,000 square miles or more than 90,000 square kilometers.This is a land area nearly as large as that of Hungary and larger than Austria.The overwhelming share of the CSA is rural, with less than 10 percent of the land area developed.However, little noted is the fact that most of the city's growth was greenfield suburban in nature, built at low and moderate densities and largely car-oriented.

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