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A friend of mine worked for ABC in the late 70's and early 80's and told me that Lee Majors and Hudson were common knowledge.

He knew he had to get off the mainland so the whole mess could hopefully die down and he decided he loved Hawaii too much to come back.

Plus he owns a massive Macadamia nut plantation on the slopes of Diamond Head.r224, that's not true about Rock's nickname.

Lee and Ryan were best friends and he always bragged that he had Ryan to take care of Farrah while he was away or bushy with his TV shows. I love the story of Farrah taking a shit on the lawn at a party.

R83, Ryan O'Neal, who was a HUNK in his 20s and 30s, was the biggest pussyhound this side of Warren Beatty. Even my dog would have the good sense to go behind a bush or on some pine straw or something---not just in the middle of the front yard during a party!

My mom was at UK in '62 and I grew up hearing the Rock Hudson/Lee Majors (real name Harvey Yearey) story. According to his Wiki Lee has 4 biological children and was married to an ex-playmate. There was gossip on Nabors once that he owned an Emanuel Ungaro dress, and wore it around his house.[quote]Perhaps he was the Gay for Pay of his day. A good friend (male) met with Lee on a regular basis when he (Lee) would go to Merrit Island for location shooting.

Mom and a pal even saw them on the street once and followed them until they entered Rock's hotel together. I think he may have only been ambitious and opportunistic where fucking Rock Hudson is concerned. That was in the mid-70's for "Six Million Dollar Man."No it was just the opposite.

It is said that Lee Majors was the usual "entertainment" for the group. There were periods when Rock would go without partaking of any hidden delights for extended periods of time, and even squire women around, but then he would call one of his buddies at some point and just say "I need a boy, and fast". This while his wife fumed and stared daggers not 20 feet away.

They say Majors was "had" by those guys more ways than most people can count. He would only go with men who looked like they were completely straight. The Hudson/Nabors marriage rumor/scandal (perpetrated by 3 old queers who thought they were being funny and because they were mad at either Rock or Nabors about something) is the very reason Jim Nabors moved lock, stock, and barrel to Hawaii.

Ragland writes that Jim Barnett, a wrestling promoter, engaged in prostitution with members of the team, and that Hudson was one of Barnett's customers This as good as the gay porn star who was a college baseball player. I can't remember his name but he was really famous. His reputation and antics were pretty well known and broadcast all over NYC in the mid 70s when I was a baby homo dipping my "finger" into the big bad and wonderful world of 1970s NYC gay life- ..please no uptight under 40 lecturer to inform me about how we spread HIV- we stopped when we knew how- or even knew- and better to pay attention to the here and now where it is being spread even more efficiently, WITH the knowledge of how to protect. Don't let the package size fool you on the size of the package.

He used to take the rest of the team to Dallas and pimp them out and get a cut.

Three of the flats were used as apartments for his "friends." One, however, was tricked out with wall-to-wall mirrors and all kinds of chains and handcuffs attached to the walls.

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