Companies mandating

When it comes to disclosure, the best performing sectors were mining, oil and gas – the extractives sector.

But just how much do we know about their impact on daily lives?

Too often, citizens experience little benefit from global economic activity while suffering the consequences of unethical corporate activity.

Companies are scored from 0-10 based on their disclosure of various sorts of business information important for investors and the general public: where they pay their taxes, their corporate structures and what they are doing to prevent corruption.

In the scores, 10 is most transparent, and 0 is least transparent.

Despite the role of hard-to-access company structures in the financial crisis of 2008, the 24 financial companies in our report scored an average 4.2 out of 10.

The lowest scoring companies in Europe, Asia and America were all banks.When we take a look at, we can see that version 3.18 of the Linux kernel is EOL.Starting this year with smartphones which ship with Android Oreo, Google is requiring that all So Cs productized in 2017 must launch with kernel 4.4 or newer.For each criterion, companies received one point for a measure in place or data disclosed and 0.5 for partial disclosure.They scored zero when the information was not available or a click away from the parent company website.Among the 24 financial institutions evaluated, 13 companies disclose See how global giants performed, using the data behind the report.

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