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Three called for more money and training for law enforcement, to give existing laws teeth. Our local prosecutor suggested mandated inclusion of a CD with every new computer sale, which would explain how to keep children safe online.

It sounds like law enforcement, especially at the state and local level, is still coming up to speed on this issue. Curtin, for AOL, emphasized that ISPs were already taking steps, and suggested patience to allow them to develop an industry standard. This is a very interesting problem, but precisely what suggestions would you have for us as policymakers? I'm not sure why existing explanations (here's one) are insufficient; why not just link?

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The five Caribbean territories have no general recognition of same-sex unions.

Three of them specify the right of opposite-sex couples to marry in their constitutions.

This seems significant to me, given that 21% of all children -- statistically, hundreds of the children in the phone survey -- are sexually abused (by some definition of the term) before age 18.

Unfortunately, 0 is not a number that extrapolates well to estimate how many of the United States's 70 million children will be physically victimized with help from the internet.

Everyone was concerned about keeping children safe online.

It goes without saying that this is a desirable goal, as long as it's done in accordance with the Constitution and doesn't interfere with everyone else's legal use of the internet. Real kids are being lured into dangerous relationships over the internet; charges were filed in one more case here in Kalamazoo County just last week.

The new constitution, approved in June 2009, notes that the government "shall respect" the right of every unmarried man and women of marriageable age as defined by law, freely to marry a person of the opposite sex and to found a family.

The constitution does not, however, define the term 'marriage' and nor does it explicitly prohibit same-sex marriage.

Of them, 19% had "received an unwanted sexual solicitation" (imprecisely defined) but only 3% had been solicited with "attempts or requests for offline contact" or actual offline contact.

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