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According to another recent survey of dating site users, 66 percent of U. singles used online dating to expand their dating pool.

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Social media has created threw online dating a system where a person may not have to leave their homes to find love and in some cases distance is not an object it has helped couple people who without using dating sites could never have met it is the tool which spawned a multi-billion dollar industry and helped bring people love and happiness and well for the others they got the bill.

Creating your own online dating site takes time and creativity, but these sites have real potential as lucrative businesses.

In the United States, the top revenue generating i OS dating app was Match with monthly app revenues of 1.3 million U.

Has Social Network evolved into a seemingly easier, less psychotic way to “stalk” or keep tabs on your significant other?

its very simple to create a persona online, create this exciting world for yourself thats nothing like the person you are this may be innocent and harmless however who knows what the person you are talking to is thinking or planning take for instance Elaine o Hara she was murdered by a man she met online here in Ireland again an extreme case .

It can also be dangerous meeting up with someone for the first time without knowing what they are like however the same could be said in the case of having drink taking and going home with someone which was and still is pretty normal in Ireland.

The explosion of online dating is a three billion dollar industry it caters for all including some niche markets some of whom require a great deal of security take for example the scandal with ashleymadison the online dating site for people who wish to have extra marital was hacked and the information on its members were leaked causing a great deal of hurt and embarrassment to the people involved and their partners an extreme example however it highlights the importance of caution required while signing up to dating sites on a plus note some sites claim to be very successful at matching couples this is positive in a world thats highly connected some people are more lonely than ever they may not like the social scene they may be shy and find talking easier over social media sites.

There are some dangers involved in online dating for instance can you ever be certain that the person you are chatting to is who they say they are.

Consider vegetarians, smokers, food lovers or pretty much anyone else as potential target audiences.

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