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For more information regarding OTASL please see the following KB Articles: Black Berry smartphone users have the option of updating the Black Berry Device Software on their Black Berry smartphones using web-based technology available on the Black Berry Device Software updates web site.As part of the web-based Black Berry Device Software update process, Black Berry smartphone users are provided with a list of available Black Berry Device Software updates that are approved by their wireless service providers If you are doing a Web Software Load (Web SL) - On your Windows based PC, please goto (You must be running Windows Internet Explorer 6 or 7)Upon reaching this site, please follow the onscreen directions.Do you have books that would profit from an update?

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So most authors are left with emailing to their subscribers and announcing the update in social media or via a press release or newsletter announcement.

This blog post, in fact, is part of the way I’m trying to let all purchasers know that has been updated and they can get theirs by following the directions above.

we made a notation on the copyright page that this was “version 1.1,” the label we associated with the updated version.

This allows readers to verify that they have the latest version, and also allows me as the publisher to verify that each retailer has successfully replaced the old version with the new one.

If you are updating your software using the Application Loader through the Desktop Manager -1. Choose the appropriate applications for your device.7.

Click on the Options Button and choose "Backup the device automatically during the installation process, then click OK8.

There are a lot of good reasons you might want to consider updating an ebook.

It’s when you’ve made minor corrections, additions, or deletions to an ebook that’s already been published, and you then update the file so that anyone who has purchased it can get the new version for free.

The last part of issuing an ebook update is to notify buyers that the update is available.

This can be challenging since retailers don’t report back to us has bought our book.

Black Berry smartphone users, wireless service providers, and Black Berry Enterprise Server administrators are able to send requests for wireless Black Berry Device Software updates.

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