Speed dating survey questions

What talents can you offer to make a difference in the world?You would be amazed at what a couple of hours a month can do to transform the community.Included at the event I participated in were: The “speed-dating” itself was a bit of a frenzy due simply to the nature of the event. I found, however, that it was great to have this time limit in place.

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According to Smith, organizations were chosen based on how their mission aligned with those of the participants who had registered.

Upon registration, participants were asked to fill out a survey which included questions such as “What causes or demographics most interest you?

When I found out that the goal of the event wasn’t simply to find volunteers, but to find board members, I hesitated.

Honestly, when I pictured the boards of these types of organizations, I envisioned seasoned business people near or past retirement.

There were definitely organizations that I clicked with, and I came out of the event with such a joy in anticipating the difference that I could make during this next chapter of my life.

In all, I have heard back from five organizations who are interested in further discussion, and I’m attending one of their events this week.

What specifically interested Jemison in promoting this event is the fact that it provides an incentive for young professionals to get involved in community service.

Because board membership stands out on a resume, individuals are able to make a difference while also advancing their careers.

” and “What skill sets can you bring to the nonprofit and its board?

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