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Santana is dealing with the fact that Brittany is still with Artie and doesnt know what to do and Quinn is trying to navigate with a hidden secret. p Quinn Fa Pez Berry Quinn is dating Santana and is very much in love. Thus, obviously creating chaos in their personal lives and in the public eye. With her conservative and often silent sister Quinn, and her best friend Sam, her summer has been good. But I'm in so deep, there's no way out." Santana is HBIC of Mc Kinley and Brittany is the local badass. She wasn't speaking to a group of people, she was speaking to Quinn, and she did so in a way that made it seem like she cared. P Quinn Rachel's father is not who the great people of Lima think he is. Rated T in the beginning for language but rated M for future chapters. p Don't like don't read AUMistress Santana needs to acquire a new slave. Alright this story is completely out of hiatus will be re-wrote. After an interesting turn of events at school, Rachel starts learning about Quinn's secret, piece by piece. What she assumes is an animal turns out to be a girl that is now laying lifeless in the middle of the road.

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Brittany and Santana move to New York City along with most of the crew after graduation. She goes to NYU with her best friends Quinn and Rachel. But that's just the beginning when unusual things start happening in little Lima, Ohio. Can Santana help Charlie out of this bad time and give her something to change for? His slumped shoulders, and slowed step make her stomach sink. They adjust to it, as their life changes for the good and better. Brittany Pierce is one of the few treasured teachers at William Mc Kinley High School who actually enjoys her job and cares about the kids. After a horrible break up, Brittany enlists in the army. Will Brittany be able to forgive Santana after 4 years or is she going to end up getting her heart broken again? P Brittany Law student Santana and best friend Quinn stop at Starbucks every morning for their daily coffee fix. But what if something Rachel didn't expect happens. Pezberry endgame.)Brittany Pierce is the biggest nerd in school. After drunkenly hooking up at junior prom Santana becomes pregnant with Brittany's child. Brett's a cop who has a huge crush on his partner's girlfriend's best friend. Brittany has just moved to Lima and is attending William Mc Kinley High School. Will Santana give up the reputation she has left for the woman she loves or will she continue to mess with Brittanys heart? Police officer Brittany gets hurt and a group of survivors take her in, As soon as Brittany lays her eyes on the mean, Bitchy Latina she automatically feels a connection but the Latina doesn't feel the same way or does she? With their marriage on the rocks, will they be able to come together when tragedy strikes their family or will everything just fall apart once and for all? The other one is in love with the one that's engaged and the one that's engaged has absolutely no fucking idea. The other one is definitely not and the one that's supposedly happy has absolutely no fucking idea. Brettana(inspired by She's The Man) Brittany applies to Camp Watta Watta Film Dance and Drama, only to learn that there's no more room for girls. Little does Santana know that Quinn will do everything in her power to make the raven haired beauty fall in love with her along the way. [Dantana AU with a side of Star Kurt and every other ship ever. When killings start occurring at Mc Kinley, Brittany realizes school isn't going to be how it seems. Santana has a boyfriend, Sam, but when she confesses to Britt that he still hasn't taken her virginity during a game of truth-or-dare, she's only so happy to do the honors. Santana left Brittany devastated and without an explanation. Paige is in love with Emily Fields but Emily doesn't even know she exists.

I suck at summaries so please give this story a chance.

Mostly a happy story as I dislike writing angst Genderswap Brittany, Brittana with some Quinn/Sam, Klaine, Tike and what story would be complete without a sprinkling of Sue. Brittany truly believes that a new beginning can help her to make her old miserable life better. For as long as Santana could remember, Dani has always attempted to ruin her life so she has every reason to do the same.

While she's forced to wait in front of the traffic lights, a mysterious person drags her off her bike & kidnaps her. Brett is in the Air Force and has been gone for the better part of a year.

That's where she needs to adapt to a new, abusive lifestyle ... He returns home to his pregnant wife and daughter for a well deserved year off. (PART 2 OF BB TRILOGY)Brittany is kind of a pot head but still responsible. How will the marriage fare when the truth behind Santana's heartache is revealed to everyone? Lexi Diaz is a new student at Mc Kinley High, but starting a new school year she never expected to have a crush..four girls in fact. She had nothing in her life worth changing for, that is until her twin Quinn brought home her best friend Santana Lopez. Quinntana endgame, Brittana and Quinn and Kitty bonding. PS Quinn and Brittany you don't have to read it if you don't like But Santana's eyes are fixed on her husband. When she returns home Brittany finds out that a lot has changed. They come back to find nothing much has changed, but their crushes have grown for Mercedes and Santana. Santana decides to jump in and be there for Rachel. Life has ups and downs and no marriage is perfect, as Quinn and Santana find out after years of being together. What happens when they meet in the most unlikely of places again? Quinn is willing to help along and play by Santana's rules. What happens when they find each other almost six years later? Brittany's evil but she immediately takes a liking to school girl Santana Lopez. P Brittany has had a (not so secret) crush on her best friend Santana since the day they met at Cheerios camp. And Paige is scare that once Emily knows about her secret she will tell everyone about it. Santana is hiding heartache and the truth is that she blames Brittany for it, essentially telling her 'You did this to me'. Ripped from her old life, she's thrown in to the dysfunctional Hastings family; where her only solace comes in the form of her newfound sister's best friend. Brittany GPCharlie Fabray had really lost herself, heartbreak and life does that to you after taking so much shit. A wife and a baby on the way and the career that she sort of wanted till one accident changed everything and her past came back. Will Brittany finally confess her love for Santana? Santana's girlfriend Quinn doesn't like Ryan very much but she wants them to get along, knowing just how Santana rolled her eyes, Charlie really liked his cars, it was weird. But the girl with the ember eyes, she ignites something in you that you never knew you were missing: love. She makes her return back home after being in a coma for about 4 months after a dangerous mission that went wrong in Afghanistan. Quinn and Brittany just got back from their summer vacation in Paris. She becomes reckless and careless, having no idea what to do anymore. They have a moment before she's dragged off and neither one of them think they'll meet again. Dani is the new addition to the New Directions who's deeply crushing on Santana. When Will plans a retreat for the club, a lot of changes happen. What if that girl her parents walked in on was Santana? She travels to America and poses as a high school student to prevent being caught. Emily and Paige like each other a lot and they try to show their feelings to each other.Metaphorically, if there is to be hope (i.e., light) for ex-spouse dating, participants must find ways to break negative relationship patterns and open up new ways of communicating.Allow yourself feel the pain of your loss and you'll find it easier to move on, according to Help When you've discovered that your ex and his new girlfriend are also on the guest list for a mutual friend's upcoming wedding, imagining the two of them cuddling up together on a church pew while you sit alone can make you queasy. I wanted China to be the place where I made a career and lived my life. We lived like kings—or we would have if there had been anything regal to spend our money on. One shop, the downtown Friendship Store, sold coffee in tins.

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